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    I am looking to tie some clousers and am trying to decided between bucktail and superhair. Is one better than the other or are they interchangeable?

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    Default Re: Clouser Minnow Material

    I tie both
    For 'normal' sized flies the bucktail is far better IMO as long as you tie both the 'tail' and the wing together. The recipe calls for tying the tail on top of the shank , while the wing is tie on the 'bottom', ahead of the eyes. If you do it that way with bucktail, the tail will wear out by being dragged on the bottom.
    Both colors should be tied at the eyes.
    With the superhair you can tie both sections as called for in the recipe, but the superhair looks 'artificial' (surprise ) unless it's cut so that the tips are staggered.
    I use the super hair only when I want my fly to be extra long as with a Monomoy deep eel

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    I agree that bucktail is the way to go, unless you need the length super hair offers. Of all the fibers I've tried on Clousers, bucktail is the best for moving alot in the water, but not fouling around the hook like craft fur and similar limp materials.

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    I use just bucktail or Flytyers Dungeon's "Congo" Hair for my clousers. Basically its a E.P. type material.
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