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    Default question for the Peak Vise owners

    im looking at getting a new Vise lookin pretty hard at the Peak......found a good deal on one but it has the C the shaft on the vise the same size as most vises? i have an Anvil Apex that has a pedestal that the jaws just arent right on so im hoping that the Peak will fit in the pedestal i have..anyone know for sure by chance

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    The shaft on mine fits a standard hackle gauge so I am guessing it is.

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    Default Re: question for the Peak Vise owners

    The Peak has a standard 3/8" shaft. If the Anvil's shaft is 3/8", you're
    good. If not, you can buy a Griffin pedestal base for $25.

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    Default Re: question for the Peak Vise owners

    Yes it will work, and I just bought my peak vise a couple weeks ago and have never been happier, what a difference it flies are turning out far better than before. One thing I did was buy the griffin parachute tool.....fits great on the shaft, and so universal.....a great addition to the vise.
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