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    Default Re: I officially hate the RS2...

    ^I agree with Larry too. They are a pain though. For me it's mostly that they are so hard to see. That and I must be doing something wrong with that thread tag end trick he uses to split them.

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    Default Re: I officially hate the RS2...

    Charlie's tag end tip is a one shot deal. If you use your working thread, you
    can get in there where the fibbet exits the hook shank, and work it into place.
    Getting a thread base on the hook shank before tying in the fibbets/biots will
    help hold the materials in place as well. If you really want to get tricky,
    apply a small dab of head cement to the fibbet at the rear most portion after
    they are in place. Once the fibbets/biots are in place, you need to be careful
    that your following thread wraps don't pull the material back together. It only
    takes one wrap to do that, but the 5-7 wraps of thread ball at the end of the
    hook shank will take care of that.

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    Default Re: I officially hate the RS2...

    Justin, You're going at this the right way, work your way through the book; if you have problems with a particular fly work on mastering it. When you get frustrated with a particular fly, take a break and tye something you do well to get your confidence back.

    As far as goose biots go, use something else... I stopped using biots for stonefly tails and the fish haven't noticed. I use fibers from cheap strung saddle hackle, they are a little more forgiving and definitely softer then the biots.


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    never tied this pattern or used microfibbets but the small ball of thread trick works great on biots too for tying tails on my stonefly nymphs..
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