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Thread: tiny dries

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    Default tiny dries

    I need a couple simple patterns for tiny dries in the 20-28 range.

    Every once in awhile I come across a hatch that is very small.

    I'm not a bug guy, but I'm just looking for tiny pattern that's simple to tie and with some color variation work.

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    Default Re: tiny dries

    3 that I always carry, Black Gnat, Griff Gnat and Klinkhammer. (black, gray, olive & brown #22 to #26)
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    Matt's Midge in black and in cream. Deadly. I do mine with a TMC 200R and parachute the hackle.
    Matt?s Midge | Fly Recipe | The Fly Bench

    Mine look like this

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    Default Re: tiny dries

    I just use a simple general purpose midge with a hackle fiber tail, thread body, and a couple of wraps of hackle.... any color you like
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    You could also look at some Trico patterns as they are very small.
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    Default Re: tiny dries

    Nice fly- great example of the Matt's Midge.

    I carry a few Griffith's Gnat "Cluster" flies in my box. 3xl shank sz 16 hook, with 3 individual 'flies' tied on the one shank. Old trick, works pretty good when fish are feeding hard and heavy on bitty bugs though =)

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    Default Re: tiny dries

    When I needed itty bitty things I did it pretty much like Rip Tide does. A couple fibers for a tail, wrap forward and then a little poly yarn in the color of choice. I skipped the hackle and just trimmed the poly to the desired length and splayed it out a bit. The hook always seemed to float in the film just fine on an 8X however this was far from my forte when it came to fishing.

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    OK, I just got back from buying small dry hooks. I have some z-lon, poly yarn, antron, and cdc all to try out for wings. I've looked at the patterns you guys have mentioned, and I will try out a few different things to see what gives me a simple way to tie up a generic small dry fly in different colors.

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    I'm with Hardy on this.....when it comes to most flies - but smaller ones in particular...LESS IS MORE....keep it simple...small antron shuck or none at all if on an emerger type hook....entire body via thread - and poly pro wing tailored to the size of the minute insects you are trying to imitate. SIZE first SHAPE second (and lets face it....the shape will be right) COLOR last. good luck !.......after some years of fly fishing I now realize what that old saying meant - there are flies that catch fisherman - and flies that catch trout.

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