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Thread: Wings

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    Fairly new to tying. I'm seeking recommendations for materials to use for wings on spinners. I have one pattern that uses z-lon for the underwing with crystal flash on the overwing. My tying tends to hang on easy, effective and quick patterns. I do a lot of tying streamside, so complicated patterns don't fit well into that catagory. Anything new wing material on the market?
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    I really have no experience in tying spinners. I have seen, as you mentioned, using the zylon type material. I've also seen some flies that had a synthetic film type material (looks like from a plastic bag or such) that they used for winds. I'd think it had to be pretty tough to keep from tearing, both from casting and from fish (in my case it would be from casting). Some of the more experienced tyers will probably chime in with a better solution.

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    It might not be as transparent as the synthetics, but I would think CDC would be a good option for spinner wings. It floats on its own and does a really good job of looking like an natural insect.

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