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Thread: Rich Osthoff

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    Sorry for slow has picked up. If you guys get the Colorado trip going, let me know. I would love to check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by countr21 View Post

    Sorry for slow has picked up. If you guys get the Colorado trip going, let me know. I would love to check it out.
    Don't worry about the slow response. I'll keep you in mind when we set something up.


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    I do spend quite a bit of time fishing the backcountry with extensive time spent in Rocky Mountain National Park, Mt. Zirkel Wilderness, Rawah Wilderness areas in CO and Wind River Range in WY. I'm familiar with Osthoff's patterns and he definitely knows more about backcountry fly fishing and backpacking than most. His patterns are ones that he has confidence in - I'm the same way with my own patterns. I did however find that he is definitely on to something with his rollover scud pattern. I've tied some of them up and they do indeed outperform the other scud patterns I've tried.

    My own experiences in higher altitude backcountry fly fishing have yielded a few things that I'll share, but I also know that many other people have success with other approaches (there are no absolutes - especially in fly fishing).

    - In high altitude tree lined lakes, if the fish are actively feeding, they are up out of the depths and on the littoral shelf, close to shore. They there because that is where the food is. The food primarily consists of ants and beetles and other terrestials which have been deposited there by anabatic winds (upslope winds) that are so common in the high country. This means ants, beetles, gnats and other dries will figure prominently in your plans to catch trout in those lakes.

    - Lakes with scuds usually have a high density of them, and then the trout are not forced to forage for ants and other bugs that have blown into the water. In these situations, you'll might not see a rise form (or a fish!) all day, but they are there. You'll need a good scud pattern - Rich's rollover scud is as good as they come. Most scud patterns are tied to LOOK like scuds but not necessarily ACT like them. His pattern entices hits because of the way it fishes with a slow but active retrieve.

    Did you waste your money on Osthoff's patterns? Not in my opinion.
    His patterns have been well tested (by him).

    Should you limit yourself to his favorites? Of course not. There is no shortage of great patterns out there.

    Check out the late, great Gary LaFontaines book "Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes" - it's entertaining and educational.

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    I spent two days with Rich in March fishing with him in SW Wisconsin. While my experience with him is not back country fishing in the Western US, I can tell you that it is a passion of his. I fished his ties for two days. Extremely effective, well tied and very durable. In fact, I was surprised at how long one of the flies I fished lasted. We simply sharpened the hook and went back at it. To say a I fished a single fly that landed 30 fish is not an understatement. That's durable to me.

    Again, I can't comment on the specific patterns and how they will work in the back country. I can say that his WI specific patterns were effective and durable. I add to the fact his passion for the west as well as the amount of time he spent there and I think you will have flies that are winners.

    As a side note, it takes a long time to get flies from Rich. He ties them all and will not take short cuts. I know he currently has a lot of orders because I'm waiting for one from him. If you do want flies from Rich, give him a call on the numbers listed on his website. He will take some time and talk with you as well as give you an honest answer as to the time to complete the order.


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    I was in my local fly shop last weekend and a guy was in stocking up on supplies and talking with the shop employees about his first upcoming trip out west for some back country fishing. Two of them immediately recommended Rich Osthoff's book and mentioned their success on flies. Not that you needed me to mention this at this point.
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    Thanks for the recent responses......yeah over the years I've fallen in love with Rich's stuff. I hope he remains a "hidden" secret. When it comes to high lakes, 80% of my fishing is with his scuds and wooly worms.

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