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    Default Tied Flies work!!

    I tied a wooly worm and worked a creek near my house

    Picked up 15 of these guys and my fly held together

    The feeling of catching something on a fly I tied is great

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    Default Re: Tied Flies work!!

    Congrats Smallieman. What color wooly worms? Always looking for a new one to tie.
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    Default Re: Tied Flies work!!

    That's great SM... I'm still waiting on the catch from one of my own, but hats off to you


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    Default Re: Tied Flies work!!

    Great smallie its prity sweet when you get fish on your own flies


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    Default Re: Tied Flies work!!

    Congrats Smallie...Nothing better then getting something on a fly you tyed...


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    Default Re: Tied Flies work!!

    Well done !great pleasure to catch fish with homemade flies...this fish looks like our chub...does it get as big as ours?

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