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Thread: Parachute Adams

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    Default Parachute Adams

    Since the parachute Adams is such a commonly used fly and people tie it different ways, I was just curious about what materials people use for the parachute and for the tail.

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    Default Re: Parachute Adams

    BlueDun: There are a lot of popular fly patterns out there and this has to be one of the best. When I tie a parachute adams I use Charlie Craven's site:


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    Default Re: Parachute Adams

    Thanks Larry! My question wasn't very clear - sorry about that! I don't need a pattern. I was just curious what creative or interesting ideas people had for the tail and the post.

    For the tail, I've used hackle fibers/feathers, but I am not happy with the result. I read somewhere about moose hair, but I think that is too dark. I think I like deer hair better, but wondered what other people use.

    The same for the post material - calf hair is too thick and bulky on the shank (for me), so I've been using para post. The bulk problem is resolved with para post, but I don't like how it looks. Just wondered if anyone has found something else I could try.

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    Default Re: Parachute Adams

    I use brown and grizzly for the tail; antron for the post; tie in the brown and grizzly hackle vertically on the post, and then wind both hackles at the same
    time. I use to tie the hackle in around the eye of the hook, but it's much easier to take a few winds around the hackle at the base of the post. I believe Charlie Craven has a 2 minute Adams on youtube using the same method for tying of the hackle.

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    Default Re: Parachute Adams

    Moose body hair for the tail
    White polypro for the post
    Sparse thin muskrat body for our rivers

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    I have used Grizzly and Brown hackle for the tail and colored 1/8 inch dia foam for the posts.

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    Default Re: Parachute Adams

    I use polywing and cdc

    The polywing looks ok after some use but not as good as calf hair


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    Default Re: Parachute Adams


    i don't tie many Adams these days, but just in terms of dries generally and parachutes in particular here are some options to consider.

    tails- - I think of parachutes as slow water flies, so I use hackle--

    Spade Hackle - is tough to find on most capes and saddles these days, but these feathers have long stiff barbs. Although an Adams calls for mixed brown and grizzly, I'd use whatever color I had.

    Coq de Leon- excellent stiff long barbs, I buy Whiting Bronze Coq de Leon Saddles for about 22 bucks. It's the same stuff as in Whiting's Tailing Packs for 16.00 but you get a lot more. The color I use the most is "Medium Pardo" which is a medium gray speckled feather with a gold/silver metallic sheen.

    Antron shuck- not a usual tail for an Adams, but worth a try.

    Micro fibbettes- for split tails


    Moose Body Hair is thick and dark, and generally better suited to large fast water dries like Wulffs. You can also find "bleached moose body hair" which is usually a medium rusty brown (rather than the creamy shades of bleached elk)

    Elk Mane- thinner than moose body hair, better for smaller dries.

    Woodchuck tail guard hairs- tough to find, but these are thin and stiff and make good tails on dries ( much thinner than moose for example). They're used in the original recipe of Fran Better's Ausable Wulff.

    Parachute posts

    Kip (Calf) Tail- this can be tough to use because it tends to be very curly. Easiest to use on large flies.

    Calf Body Hair- much easier to work with than kip tail, good for sizes 12 and 14

    Turkey Flats and Turkey T-Base Feathers- excellent choice for flies 16 and smaller.

    Poly- also easy to use, can be tied in long and trimmed to size.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Parachute Adams

    New to the board, so I've been perusing all of the areas and topics. This one interested me so I thought I'd respond. I use two materials for posts on Adams parachutes. First. if I'm after a white post I'll use SAAP Float Vis in white, absolutely glows in sunlight. I also use a medium dun colored nylon material used for macrame'. On most days this post stands out like a beacon.

    I tie these materials on the hook by laying them on top of the hook and taking two or three good wraps around the material and then standing the material up and wrapping the thread up the post. Makes for less bulk on the hook. A drop of cement keeps it in place.

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    Default Re: Parachute Adams

    When I tie it; a typical Adams but with a post wing of sparse white calf tail and the hackle wound horizontally.

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