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Thread: Tube fly tying?

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    Default Tube fly tying?

    Anyone here tie tube flies? i am thinking about venturing into that realm a little and am not sure where to start. any places were i can get the gear and tubes and things online or locally? any help would be awesome.



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    Default Re: Tube fly tying?

    Huron River Dan ties tubes. I think Rip Tide might too, not sure about that.


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    Default Re: Tube fly tying?

    Hi ab fisher,

    To get started in tube flies you need a tool that inserts into your vise. The tool holds a mandrel that holds the tube in place. Some people make their own. There is no hook and you tie the fly on the tube. There is a short piece of plastic that goes on the end of the tube and this holds the hook in place.

    Here is a link to Eumer than has a bunch of tube products. They also have a great gallery and make sure you take a look.

    Kaufmann's Streamborn has a good selection of tube materials but may not be the cheapest. They also have a selection of tube flies you can buy.

    Below are pictures of a couple of tube flies from Eumer.


    Eumer Photo You can see the hook held in side of the plastic

    Eumer Photo Shows holding fixture in use.

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    Default Re: Tube fly tying?

    I've just started getting into tying tubes, and I can say they can be effective. I was going to direct you to the Eumer website but Frank beat me to it. I have been tying patterns geared toward swinging flies for steelhead, and it has been interesting. I'm thinking Smallmouth Bass now also. You can get started tying them fairly cheap if you don't go crazy buying the more exotic materials...

    Here's a pic of my first efforts...


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    Default Re: Tube fly tying?

    I use tube flies for smallies and panfish. I like how much easier the hooks are to remove from fish than a standard fly.

    This site has good articles and ideas for patterns:

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    Default Re: Tube fly tying?

    thanks guys i think i am off to a good start.

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