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    Default fly tying newbie

    New to fly tying I've been using lead dumb bell eyes for my flies I want less weight will bead chain still make the hook ride up thanks

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    Default Re: fly tying newbie

    Throuh experience yes, it just will not sink as fast. Though when i did tie flies with a lot of bucktail sometimes they would ride in the water the wrong way if they landed opposite of what you wanted.

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    Default Re: fly tying newbie

    emarf, welcome to the forum, glad you joined up.

    Beadchain tied on like lead dumbell eyes should flip the hook. Try tying one up and test it to see before you tie up a zillion. Adding a "wing" of material on an inverted hook (like a clouser) will also help to flip it.

    Buying a length of bead chain from a hardware store is less expensive than from a fly shop, and you'll probably have a decent choice of different size bead chain. Just snip the chain into pairs with the cutting edge on needle nosed pliers.

    Good luck, and feel free to ask questions and post pic of your flies if you want some constructive feedback.

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    Default Re: fly tying newbie

    Welcome to the group,

    Questions are our main course here.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: fly tying newbie

    Hi emarf,

    I see this is your first post so welcome to NAFFF.

    I think you got your answer about the bead chain. You can also use brass eyes that will be lighter than the lead eyes.


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    Default Re: fly tying newbie

    thanks for the info I'll try THE brass eyes to, I have another Question about vises I want to up grade from my starter vise I was looking at a Griffin Odyssey spider does anyone have one or any info on them ,what do you think of it thanks

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    Default Re: fly tying newbie

    I'm a little late to the party but I just have one more thing to add about bead chains. I really liked the look of red dumb bell eyes for clouser minnows but I like the price of craft store bead chain better more. So I started painting them with red and black nail polish before I put them on the hook. Cheap and looks great. Sorry I can't help with the vise question (I use a Danvise).

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    Default Re: fly tying newbie

    thanks for help what do you think about the Danvise

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    Default Re: fly tying newbie

    Personally, I really like it. I have had no problems with it and it holds my hooks like a rock. I bought the pedestal base for it on ebay (odd sized shaft) because I like to just slide it out of my way when I am doing other things. Some other members have had problems with theirs. One member in particular ended up trading his in for a Griffin Mongoose and seems very happy with it.

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    Default Re: fly tying newbie

    emarf what kinds of fish will you be chasing?

    The reason i ask is that this will have a big impact on types of flies you'll be tying and the size of hooks you'll be using.

    Since the sweet spot in terms of market demand is trout fishing, the standard jaws on most vises will handle the hook range of typical trout sizes just fine. But not all vises can handle salt water sized hooks for instance. In some cases it may be possible or necessary to pick up specialty jaws for small hooks (midge jaws), or heavy duty "magnum" jaws for larger sized salt water hooks at additional ( and sometimes considerable) expense.

    (I haven't used it but according to Griffin the Odyssey does handle a wide range of hook sizes from 28 to 4/0 with the same set of jaws).

    The Danvise, because it's made of Delrin (plastic composite) it seems to be a love it or hate it thing. Many folks are very happy with them, and they do provide a good bang for the buck. But one thing to consider on the Danvise for around 85, is that you can spend an additional 20 on a pedestal base ( the danvise comes with a c-clamp) another 10 or so on an extension arm ( if you tie streamers or big flies) and perhaps another 38 bucks on saltwater jaws if you want to tie on hooks above size 2 or so. If there's a reasonable chance you'd be looking to add a lot of that stuff you might consider putting the equivalent amount in a bit better vise.

    BTW, if it's still available, member "Luked" has an posting in the classified section for a slightly used Peak Vise for 100 (new they are 150). An excellent vise at a very good price.

    Do you have a fly shop nearby? If so it would be great if you could try a few vises and compare some different designs and features.

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