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    Default Need Brown Drake Patterns

    Hi All,

    Heading up to Ausable (MI) next week and should be in the middle of the first week of Brown Drakes. Does anyone have any good patterns they would like to share, or possibly links to recipes. Dries, wets, spinners, cripples. other?

    Any advice on patterns and/or fishing the drake hatch up there would be appreciated. I'd like to try some new stuff this year.

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    I tie pretty generic patterns. For brown drakes I like tie to #10 with pheasant tail tail and body, tan dubbed thorax tied parachute style with gray hi vis wing. Adams hackle(brown /grizzly) or cree. Simple fast tie.
    I have had good luck with this on the South Branch and more so on thr Jordan(my favorite river). I you do not have time or do not tie Gate's lodge fly shop will set you up and is also a good place to stay.

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    Default Re: Need Brown Drake Patterns

    Quigley Cripple works well most anywhere in whatever color you need.

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    Default Re: Need Brown Drake Patterns

    Looking for what a Brown Drake even looks like I was doing some research and came across this. If you scroll down to "matching Brown Drakes" there seems to be good info. The above "Quiggly Cripple" is mentioned.
    Brown Drake | Ephemera | Fly Fishing | Westfly

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    Default Re: Need Brown Drake Patterns

    We get some on the Delaware but it is a very much a hit or miss thing-- but you guys in the Midwest apparently have much more reliable BD hatches.

    Most of the fish i've caught have been on nymphs just before dusk and on spinners from dusk till about 10 PM ( bring along a water proof flash light ion a lanyard to wear around your neck or a neck light so you can find your way back to the truck since the fishing can be great in the dark.

    The nymphs are pretty active just before dusk in the slower, silty areas of the stream, so I'd carry a few of Eric's nymphs or something like these:

    Brown Drake Nymph
    Hook: Nymph hook 2xl size 10 and/or 3xl size 12
    Thread: Olive
    Tail: Dark Ginger wet hackle
    Body: Light Yellow Brown
    Ribbing: Olive Thread
    Wingcase: Dark brown turkey
    Legs: Dark Ginger wet hackle

    For an Emerger, I use the same as above with a short tuft of medium dun snowshoe hare foot as a wing instead of a wingcase

    I've had more luck with Spinners, but I usually carry some of these for the Duns:

    Brown Drake Compara Dun (with tail, no shuck) or Sparkle dun (with shuck, no tail)
    Hook: dry fly size 8-10 (Instead of standard dry fly size 8 and 10 I use a 2 extra long and 4 extra long size 12, these hooks will be lighter because of a lighter gauge wire and smaller gape)
    Thread: Olive
    Tail/Shuck: Dark Brown Mink or dry fly spade hackles or microfibbetts for a stiff split tail, or Pale Grayish Tan Antron for a shuck
    Body: Medium Olive Brown
    Wing: Brownish-Gray deer hair
    Hackle: None

    Most of the surface action for me has been on spinners fished flush in the film, or wingless stuff like Variants (medium or darker hued ones like Ginger, Dun, or Gray Fox Variants) with over sized hackle skated around on the surface. As with Eastern Green Drake Spinners (often called Coffin Flies), you can often see clouds of spinners flying just above tree top level before sundown, with birds like swifts and swallows darting around after them. It's a good sign you'll have a heavy spinner fall that night.

    Brown Drake Spinner
    Hook: 2XL dry size 10
    Thread: Tan
    Tail: Brown Microfibbets, split
    Body: Yellowish Tan Turkey Biot
    Thorax: yellowish tan dubbing
    Wing: White Antron tied spent marked with black waterproof marker to get a speckled wing, or 5-6 wraps of oversize (about size 8) grizzly hackle trimmed top and bottom to get spent "wings" instead of the Antron.

    Good luck

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