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    Hi all

    Just bought a few sizes of the waspi perfect popper packs (including hooks) and I was wondering what others use to fill in the gap on the bottom of the body after the hook is glued in? I tried a few different things including gorrila poly glue and also some painters chalk.... Just thinking this should be a common thing that I am just missing some thing simple??



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    Hi Tom,
    Any strong and durable adhesive will work. I have been told to use epoxy.


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    I have cut slots in the bottom of some of my poppers for the hook. Most that I tie now, I melt a hole thru the center with a heated bodkin. Push a cold bodkin thru the body for a "pilot" hole and make sure it's centered and where you want it. I experiment a little with the angle of the hook in re: the bottom of the popper body.
    I put a thread base on the hook, insert the hook thru the hole in the popper, and super glue the body in place. With super glue, you have to prefit and know just where and how you want the body on the hook 'cause the glue sets fast. Also, you'll need to set the body on the hook, then tie in weed guards, then glue on the body.
    But, no slot underneath to fill in.

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    I use a two-part epoxy - just a marine grade one from Home Depot.

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