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    I just recently decided to start creating my own egg flies. I started with yarn but it seems that I am going to need a lot of practice. I got some pom-poms from hobby lobby and they look nice and they are really cheap. My question is what is the best glue to use for pom poms. I am using instant kra zy glue. I s it going to hold under the water. Is the glue smell on the fly going to affect fishing results or will it go away?


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    I've seen those pom poms at the craft stores and they look like they'll make a lot better egg pattern than I've been able to tie with the egg yarn. When I tied them with yarn, we just tied them with thread and put a little head cement or such on the thread. I'd think you could do the same with the pom poms. Probably need to kinda separate the material around the thread when you put a drop or so of cement on. I've seen some of the super glues that don't hold up well under continuous wetting, but I think the better ones would be okay. However, I don't use the expensive super glues, but just buy the little tubes that you can get at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.

    Will be interested in hearing what some of the other tyers have to say about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salmonfever View Post
    My question is what is the best glue to use for pom poms.
    Zap-A-Gap. I've found that it holds up the best.

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    Default Re: glue for pom-poms

    Hi salmonfever,

    I second the Zap-A-Gap.

    If you are having trouble tying eggs using the regular egg yarn I suggest you try McFlyFoam. It is more spongy than the regular egg yarn. I don't know what it is about tying eggs but some people can't do it at all. My fishing partner was a much better fly tyer than I am but he couldn't tye eggs no matter how many times I showed him.

    Another idea is to try the new REEL EGGS. They are soft plastic of some type and they have a string through the middle. You cut them off the string and trim the string up close to the egg. The next step is to put a drop of glue on the hook and slide the egg into place over the glue. The string inside the egg sticks to the glue. It is a very fast way to make eggs.




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    Default Re: glue for pom-poms

    I push the hook through the pom-pom then add a drop of ca glue...The problem with ca glues is they break down in water, glue your lips together and see what they do at the hospital, warm compress to break it down...
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