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Thread: sinking flies

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    hello everyone, is there a way to get a fly to sink quickly without adding weight. the flies i am most concerned with are minnows. i don't think i can achieve my goal but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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    I use fast sinking line and shorter leaders.One trick I use on the rivers, is to munch the fly in some mud. Coat it real good then toss it out. The mud makes it sink and then once down there the water washes the mud away. Might sound crazy, but Orvis even sales little containers of mud.

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    I agree with Joni. Purchased a sink tip fly line. (thereare many types, or sink rates available, check w/yourlocal fly shop, or check w/Steve @ The Full Creel) Or if you don't want to buy a full blown sink tip thereare small "add-on sink tips" that can be attached to yourregular fly line. Again, check w/Steve.You could also use a weighted hook. Many of the nymphtype flies I tie have some non-toxic wire wrapped aroundthe shank to give them weight. Plus if the nymph has somechenile, marabou, or even rabbit strips it will help it to godown. Take into account the speed/flow rate of the riveryou may be fishing, you may need some type of weight toget the fly down to where the fish are sitting.Best of luck,Tie One On

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    much thanks guys now i cant wait to hit the water!

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    Flies that are less "fuzzy" will also sink faster. "Fuzz" includes dubbing, wrapped hackle, rabbit strips, or anything that makes a fly bushy instead of sleek and aero/aquadynamic. Anything sticking off of the body of a fly will keep it from sinking as fast as it other wise would. A Clouser tied with less bucktail will sink faster, a wooly bugger with less hackle will sink faster, and a copper john will always sink faster than a bead head hare's ear. A "tuck cast" and mending can also be very helpful, but those are a diferent category of technique.

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