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Thread: Agesus Tying Vise..?

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    Default Agesus Tying Vise..?

    I was just looking around and came across the Fly Tying Super AA Vise by Agesus. I've searched the internet for the brand; Agesus, with not much luck. Has any one ever heard of this brand and item, let a lone any experience it? There's only 2 reviews on it; one is 5 stars on the performance and the other is 1 star; a wife (gift for hubby) reviewing the looks of it compared to the picture on amazon not the use

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    Default Re: Agesus Tying Vise..?

    I did a search too, while waiting for hot water after the pilot light went out, and found what you were talking about. It looks to be a very cheaply made vice and didn't get very good reviews. IMO the most expensive thing about fly fishing/fly tying is having to buy twice. There are some quality vises in the 80 dollar range. If it were me, I would look at one of those. The Danvise comes to mind at the 80 buck range. Mostly plastic, but with much better jaws than the 20 dollar model you are referencing.


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    Default Re: Agesus Tying Vise..?

    I'm not going to hot-link it, but if you go to the FlyFishOhio website, they have an excellent impartial review of vises including some recommendations for vises under $50
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