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Thread: My kind of guy!

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    Default My kind of guy!

    Mods - pardon the hot link, but he's a great guy (this is RedShed fly shop, not whiting proper), helpful to all and this is just cool. If its my bad, then delete: WHITING

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    LOL good for him!!

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    Default Re: My kind of guy!

    Good for him Gary...We have a local shop that has taken the same stand...


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    That's great!!!!

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    Yes!! I wish ALL fly shops were like this!

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    Default Re: My kind of guy!

    thats ballsy!

    love it



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    Default Re: My kind of guy!

    The Red Shed is a spey shop primarily. A great shop with a ton of stuff. They also had the best price I found on my AirFlo tactical Spey line. In fact they have the most spey lines of any shop I ever heard of.

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    I'm glad to see a flyshop do this wish more would..

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    Ol' Poppy, bless his heart.
    We need to get him over here. Spoke with him a few times on the phone and he seems like the "real deal". Genuinely nice and very funny.

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