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  1. Default Favorite Wooly-Bugger Dressing?

    I was tying up some wooly-buggers this evening and I got to thinking about all the different looks I've tied in them for different places. In PA where I grew up, I'd tie them in olive and black, both chenille bodies and with thin gold tinsel.

    Now in southern CA, I tie them in three varieties. These are all #10s.

    Black tail, chenille, and hackle, with fine holo-tinsel:

    Purple tail and chenille, black hackle, and fine holo-tinsel:

    Olive tail, olive dubbed body picked out really buggy, black hackle, and fine holo-tinsel. The olive looks tan in the photo. It's half the photo and half materials that look lighter dry then they do wet.

    As you can see with the purple one, I sometimes add bits of the holo-tinsel in the tail. It's just a "sometimes when I feel like it" thing. All three dressings have very fine copper wire wrapped very last counter to the direction of everything else. It helps them stay together fish after fish.
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    Default Re: Favorite Wooly-Bugger Dressing?

    After reading that the original Wooly Buggers were olive body with everything else black that's the way I've been tying my black ones (dark olive body). I use a little flash in almost all tails. I wrap copper wire forward last over hackle wrapped back. My next favorite color is olive with brown or grizzly hackle. Third is purple or purple/black. Fourth is all brown.

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    Default Re: Favorite Wooly-Bugger Dressing?

    Nice flies,

    I use the old olive and black and an all black tied with bunny strip instead of marabou. For an egg leech I just put a gob of glo bug yarn up front. They are pretty much like a bugger I think.


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    Default Re: Favorite Wooly-Bugger Dressing?


    You might be interested in these from a woolly bugger fly swap we did last fall:

    Wooly Bugger Swap - the Flies / Part 1

    Wooly Bugger Swap - the Flies / Part 2

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    Default Re: Favorite Wooly-Bugger Dressing?

    I love Olive Woolly Buggers, so simple but so effective. Holo-tinsel looks great in woolly bugger tails, especially when its moving in the water. If you use a lot Holo-tinsel it can be bought for super cheap at most craft-stores, just ask for Sulky Holoshimmer ($4 for 250 yards).

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    Default Re: Favorite Wooly-Bugger Dressing?

    Thanks for posting the swap thread. This is indeed my favorite-

    "The Holy Grail" Bugger

    Hook: Streamer, 4x long
    Weight/head: Silver bead or cone, biggest size that fits hook
    Body: Flashabou, wrapped silver holographic
    Rib: Wire brassie size
    Hackle: Saddle hackle, gray
    Tail: Marabou, gray / Flashabou, silver holographic

    The holo gold and tan, holo blue and black, and holo chartreuse and olive versions are winners too.

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    Default Re: Favorite Wooly-Bugger Dressing?

    The beauty of the Woolly Bugger is that there are so many new materials that the combinations of different buggers are endless. I like playing with the different types of chenilles or mixing colors of marabou.

    I use Doug's Bugs Glo-Brite Chenille and Spirit River's Mottlebou for this bugger. I believe that the Glo-Brite Chenille color is brown and copper. The Mottlebou is a mix of orange, brown, black, and gray all strung up together. Whenever I cut a clump off the string, I never get the same color consistency. It makes for some interesting coloring.

    Another chenille that I like is Wapsi's Varigated Chinille.


    PS I made a Woolly Bugger on a 1/0 Gamakatsu SL12S (Trey Combes) hook as a going away present for a buddy who went to fish for tarpon. It was his hot baby tarpon fly on that trip. It was nothing fancy - tan marabou, hackle, chenille, flash.
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