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Thread: Rotary or not?

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    Thanks Frank, that got it explained. That Nor vise is pretty nifty allright. Expensive, though, and I doubt if I could keep up with it. I'd most likely get myself completely tied up if I tried what he was doing in his demo video.

    I think it will be the Peak rotary for me. I'll give you a buzz when I'm ready, Steve, as your price and shipping deal are better than I've seen anywhere else.

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    Cliff has a very good memory. I did chip one of the jaws on my Dan vise. A complete set of jaws from Al Beatty was $20. I filed down the one that I'd chipped and trued up the jaws so it really wasn't a problem. It was more just a cosmetic issue. I've seen the video on the Nor Vise and I've watched a local tyer (before the shop closed) demonstrate some of the features of the Nor vise. Perhaps if I were a professional tyer it would be desirable, however, the number of flies I tie can't really justify such an expenditure.
    As for the reasons for a rotary, outside of being able to look at different views, I think the ability to rotate the fly while holding the tying material, whether it be tinsel, palmered hackle, or other hackle is nice. Do you have to have it, no.... but then you don't have to have an automatic transmission in your car or truck, but it's nice to have. I really think it gets down to a personal choice. I realize I've said a lot to have said nothing.

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    I bought a rotary vice when my cheap starter vice wasn't cutting it any more
    and I'm never going back to a non rotary vice. I have the Dyna King Barracuda Junior and I love it. I got the clamp model to clamp it on my portable tying bench.

    Dyna-King Fly Tying Vises

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    Rotary speaks for itself.

    There are many, many flies I tie that are SOOOOOOO
    much easier with a rotary.

    Tie in the goodies, hold on to them & just rotate that
    vise & watch it build the fly for you.

    After having one for sometime & using several brands I
    would NEVER tie without one on my bench PERIOD.

    Tie One On

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    One thing about a rotary, I don't know how many of you make DUBBING LOOPS. I do all the time (like the bushy look). Try that with out a rotary! LOL

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    I have used both and find the rotary style to be easier to use. I now use a Rezetti Cam Lock Traveler both with a clamp and with base depending where I am tying.

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    I have a Renzetti rotary and love it. When I tie flies there are alot of times when it is faster to hold on to your bobbin and spin the vise to apply thread.

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    Bruce- you don't NEED a rotary vice to tie showcase flies or fishing flies. A rotary does make it easyer to look at the fly while in your vise, its great for doing ribbing on long streamers and some use it for wrapping hackle. I guess if you really wanted to you could find a whole bunch of things to do. I guess its like buying a car and getting power windows and air conditioning for the first time. Once you have it you would never go back to a stripped down model. If you are thinking of upgrading to another vise then I definatly would go with a rotary. A renzetti traveler or the dyna king cuda jr. would be my only choice for something close to the price range of the other vises. When looking at them make sure its a true rotary that the hook shank can be centered in the turning radius and that the hook holding end of the jaw will not be to close to the arm or other components to cramp you in.

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    I use the Renzetti Traveler. It has done me well. If you are looking for the best I would have to turn you to the Renzetti Presentation 2000. That vise can bend and turn in just about any direction one would need. I have my eye on that, Thanx to Frank! It grieves me everytime I use my traveler that I really don't "need" a new vise. I like a rotary so I can see what I have done on the other side of the fly as well as spinning hackle and ribs and whatever!

    Let us know what you have decided on. I am interested in your decision!

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    For those of you who missed the post, this is the Renzetti Presentation 2000 that Darryl is talking about.

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