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    Default Flymen Fishing Company

    Just wondering if anyone has tried out the Sculpin Helmets and the Articulated Shanks they have recently put out. I have seen a lot of sweet pictures of some patterns people have tied up. I cant wait to try them out my self.

    There is one fly they have on their site that I really want to tie. They have a recipe for a "river rabbit" and the streamer that I see on there looks really similar. I think it may just be an articulated river rabbit. I imagine it would be tied the same. I will have to play around with it and see.

    Here is a link to the page for anyone who hasnt check them out yet.

    Flymen Fishing Company

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    Default Re: Flymen Fishing Company

    I did a review on this forum recently of these products which you can find here with some of the patterns i tied.

    More recently i've tied using the frantic tails, a color variant of the forage fly listed on the flymen site, tied with two tone cross cut rabbit strips.

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    Default Re: Flymen Fishing Company

    Awesome write up!

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    Default Re: Flymen Fishing Company

    Joni tied up some "Skullpins" last week. The small brown/bronze colored heads with brown rabbit. Talk about a b1tch to cast with a 5w and Type II sinking line! The first five casts I had 5 hits and 3 hookups. I'm going to have to experiment some more to see if I was just in the right place at the right time. And go to a 6w rod. Going to also try some of the Fish Skulls on some more patterns she tied up.
    So far, I like them.
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