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    Default Fly tying materials

    Here is some of the materials i have been dyeing up for new patterns
    Bronze mallard and CDC, the steel head patterns look great and being flourescent they certainly show up up in the rivers here for the sea trout and Atlantic SalmonOnly problem now is to try to get the dam dye off my hands

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    Those look great. How does one go about dyeing material? What kind of dye, etc? Thanks

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    You did an excellent job on the dying. Great look feathers.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Awsome! What kind of dye are you using on them?

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    Nice Laurie. As they say here in the U.S. "this ain't your first rodeo" meaning you must have dyed stuff before.
    I've tried it, and finally stopped. It's difficult to get the color you want in my opinion.

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    Hi Guys i am lucky to be good friends with a chemist and we have come up with acid dyes, we wash the materials in a high concentrate of de-greaser then put the materials in the dye for 10 minutes. this process has been messed around with for the last year and we think we have finally got it right.
    i did some cock pheasant tails yesterday and heron quills they have come out fantastic so i will post a few patterns done with these later

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