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Thread: Tying the Jock Scott

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    Quote Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
    I recently found this Home
    Seems like they have about any type of feather you could ever want.
    Agree with Fysh; this is the most comprehensive site that I've found for all things Salmon-fly like. The owner, John McLain, is easy to work with and stocks quality materials.


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    Be sure and check out the slideshow showcase, each time I see it I'm left speechless.....Ohhh the beauty of some of the flies!

    Don't mean to hijack the thread, it's just a great place to find non-typical material that I thought others may like to know about.

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    Sunday is the day...look out for pics.

    I'm kinda excited to see how 1) how long it takes me, and 2) to see how it turns out for the first one!

    Watch this space.

    Thanks to Ard for donating some JC eyes for this little experiment of mine.

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