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Thread: Fly Lines

  1. Fly Lines

    I am a new member on this forum but have been fly fishing for several years. After several years I still have much to learn. My problem is how to get rid of wavey or coilling line? I mainly fish panfish and have a difficult time keeping my fly line straight. Is there a specific make of line that works best? I generally use WF3-5F lines. Any inpute would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    you just need to stretch your line out before you start..

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    Most lines will do some coiling but getting a line that is more supple is a key. This also depends on where you live.

    I once bought the Cortland 555 line and could not stand it. It was a slinky in my cold waters. I have heard of people who love it though out in the warmer waters. It has a mono core that makes it much stiffer. Nice in the bahamas but ridiculous in the cool mountain streams.

    I now use the Cortland 555 dynatip line though and it is very supple and does not do much of the coiling.

    What line are you using?
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    The aforementioned stretching is a great idea to prevent/reduce the coiling. Another option would be to pull the line off the reel and store it in large loops hanging somewhere. (i realize its not very practical, but it does work quite well.)

    Do a few searches of this site for advice on the topic, and you will find more than I can recall right now.

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    This sounds cumbersome but the night before I go out I take all the fly line off my reel and lay it out in about 4ft loops on my work bench, In the morning before I leave I wind it back on the spool while lightly pinching the line with a felt or cotton patch wet with line dressing, I use a Loon product, My line stays coil free unless its realy cold.
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