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    Default Deer Hair and Wool

    I've been practicing a lot of spinning deer hair and it's starting to get better but i'm still not great. On the other hand I have some sculpin wool that I love to tie with, especially in place of deer hair applications such as a spun head. I find that it gets down faster and can basicly be shaped the same as well as being softer. I know deer hair has its benefits like more bouyancy.

    Thats where the question starts, when tying flies such as a zoo cougar is my pattern really suffering by tying with sculpin wool instead of deer hair? I think that the wool gets down faster but sometimes that isn't always best. I also like to use the wool sometimes for muddlers and all kinds of patterns and they seem to do pretty well but would deer hair be catching me more fish?

    Sadly I only have the wool in olive but what fish doesn't want something olive colored almost always? I plan on picking up some brown and black also sometime in the future.

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    As far as patterns such as the zoo cougar that is actually meant to be a floating fly so getting down faster would not be such a good thing unless fishing it with a sinking line so it can gut pushed and kicked when not being stripped. If this is how you are fishing it i dont see much of a problem. But that is just one tyers opinion.

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    Default Re: Deer Hair and Wool

    I've found that when it gets soaked it starts to sink anyway even with deer hair and honestly if it gets into a small rifle or crease it's going under regardless of how well it floats. If i dont put anyweight under the wool it can run really shallow or weight it down and sink like a rock, and like deer hair if it's dry it will sort of floaat for a cast or two it just gets water bogged a little bit easier.

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    Default Re: Deer Hair and Wool

    I'm green in the tying scene and perhaps a bit of a renegade but here's my take...

    Who the heck cares?

    Tie what works for you and discard what doesn't.

    That's the beauty of tying your own is you can customize it to suit your needs.

    That said...I did see a cool vid of Kelly Galloup lashing up a streamer.
    I learned some interesting tidbits by watching, it may help.

    [ame=]YouTube - Kelly Galloup Ties a Yellow Streamer[/ame]
    "I knew a tier once. One time he was holding a lump of cat hair he found on his couch, sort of twirling it about his fingers, tugging at it. I asked, what in the hell are you doing man? He looked startled, ashamed. But I knew what he was thinking. right then and there I decided to just buy my fly's thankyouverymuch." ~ cwg

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