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    Default what do your dries look like from the bottom?

    So i was tying some elk hair caddis the other night and after i was done, i was trying to figure out what bug it was supposed to imitate. Ive never seen a bug that looked like a hedgehog, but then again ive never really seen a bug from beneath either. which leads me to my question, have you guys ever tried seeing what your dries would look like to a fish? like looking at it upside down and up against a bright light to see what the silhouette looks like? maybe this might help me tie flies better knowing what outline i'm actually trying to get.

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    Default Re: what do your dries look like from the bottom?

    If you have a good set of glassware with nice clear bottoms, place the flies on a full glass of water and look up through the bottom. Works like a charm.................


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    Pyrex baking dishes are good for this.
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