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    Default A gift to my daughter

    My daughter has a little four foot Christmas tree in her room just like I always did when I was a kid. My wife suggested that maybe I could make her an ornament/fly for her little tree. The tree is pink, and it just so happens that I have some pink material. I ended up tying a pink Seaducer for her. I cut the end of the hook off and ran some Cajun Red line through the hook eye as a way to hang it on the tree.

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    That is pretty cool! I never thought of that! I seen one once where they put a fly in a bulb type ornament also! check it out!
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    Default Re: A gift to my daughter

    Ahh, What a good dad!

    I like this time of year, mostly because I get to see my family a little more, and I (and work) tend to slow down a little and that gives me more time to be thankful for the things that really matter, family, friends, the great outdoors, the man upstairs, etc.

    You keep up the good work jhammer - you never know what one little act or memory your kids will have of you when they are older.

    Mine is of my dad pulling my brother and I on a sled, so we could go to the corner store and get a tootsie roll pop, (hey we were poor) and we kept hitting him in the back with snowballs, and then pretending it wasnt us, he would look around and say hey, who threw that - we are like 4 or 5, but it stuck as one of those early memories that for some reason I can still recall plain as day.

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    Default Re: A gift to my daughter

    Great idea jhammer and it never occurred to put trees in my girls room.

    Good to see you back on the forum McFly

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Re: A gift to my daughter

    Both of those look great.

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    Default Re: A gift to my daughter

    jhammer: Cool idea for a xmas tree!

    McFly: Very nice!


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    Default Re: A gift to my daughter

    Thanks guys! She'll understand it more when she gets older. She's only a year old, but it still works because of the "Ooooooh pretty" factor.

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