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  1. Default tying box dream world

    I came across this guy's work last week when I met him to talk about fly rods. I haven't seen the fly tying boxes in person, but the pictures on the web and in the brochures look like the craftsmanship is fabulous and the organization is great.

    If you have a rich uncle that wants to know what to get you for your birthday..... (I don't know the price but considering the work and materials that go into them, it won't be cheap).
    Also, if you happen to be at the Fly Fishing and Tying show in Idaho in April, I think he will be there with his boxes. He will be at the Bamboo Rod evaluation booth (coordinated by Ralph Moon) also if you happen to have a couple of cane rods that you want to know the history and condition of.

  2. Default Re: tying box dream world

    Thanks for sharing this site Sal. I'd almost be afraid to ask for a quotation on one of those. Sure beats the heck out of my shelf full of materials stored in old shoe boxes and my plywood tying station.

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