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  1. Default Recommended flies for Montana


    Just got an invite to give a talk at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, MT next July. I'd welcome recommended flies for me to tie.


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    Default Re: Recommended flies for Montana

    Hoppers would be a big one, throw some of the standard nymphs in, and some general attractor dries. For area specific patterns you'll have to call some fly shops or do some more research.

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    Default Re: Recommended flies for Montana

    Early or late July?

    Depending on the weather, and the river, that can be great dry fly fishing..

    PMDs, emergers and the related nymphs

    After that.. normal nymphs

    Later July.. Hoppers, Chernobyls, etc

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    Got it, thanks - all part of my normal tying so will be fine

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    Default Re: Recommended flies for Montana

    I lived in Hamilton for 5 yrs but didn't take up fly fishing until after I had left Montana. What a waste...
    Vance in AK.

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