Looks like you received a number of great flies! Follow the suggestions of the other guys about the names, etc.

Maybe your friend is like I am -- that is, he just likes to tie flies and experiments. Often I will take a specific pattern and tie up a dozen or two in various hook sizes. Then I get bored and/or creative or innovative and change the color, or the material, or add a bead, or add weight, or change the hook style {streamer to scud to jig} etc.

In other words, I have a lot of flies that are not "standard" or an exact pattern. But, guess what, the fish around here -- don't know -- and I catch them anyway. Of course, bass, bream, and other warm water fish are not quite as choosey as trout or Salmon. I like to be creative or innovative and for me that is the "FUN" of tying flies.

If you read the history or story of someone who developed an effective pattern -- you will usually find they have tried for several years to find just the right combination of hooks, material, weight, dubbing, hackle, etc. and finally -- finally they got a fly that preforms the way they want it to in the water --e.i. looks like a minnow, or frog, or crawfish, or crab -- e.i. swims, hops, crawls, etc. like it is LIVE. Then after testing it against their other dozen or so previous patterns they settle on this one "Recipe" which they find is the BEST ONE OF THEM ALL.

In His Love,