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Thread: Slope caddis...

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    Post Slope caddis...

    I have been playing around with these:

    and wanted to create a Caddis cripple/emerger that hangs low in the water...


    Lemme’ see here…hmmmm…I went with scraggly…

    HOOK: Gamakatsu C-16B. #16-#18

    THREAD: Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer Tan and White

    ABDOMEN: Gordon Griffiths 14/0, Sheer White, ( built with a pronounced “hump” at the bend)

    TAG: Holo Tinsel, Gold

    OVER ABDOMEN: Stalcup’s Micro Midge Tubing, Tan, Grey, Olive Chart. or Brown

    THORAX: SLF Prism, Tan, Lt. Grey, Brown/Olive, Olive, Peacock or Chocolate Brown

    OUTRIGGERS: Thin strands of Snowshoe Rabbit’s Foot, Light Dun, Medium Dun or Dark Dun

    UNDER WING: Three strands of Krystal Flash, Root beer, UV Tan, Olive, Rust, Pearl or UV Gray

    WING: Coastal Deer Hair, Tan, Natural or Darker Mottled Shades, tied “bullet “style

    This Caddis Cripple/Emerger was meant to be messy. I wanted the abdomen to hang lower in the water. The abdomen is a proven design off John Barr’s Graphic Caddis. The Snowshoe Rabbit outriggers are for additional support and motion. I went with the full length of the fibers rather than clipping them. The KF under wing is for sparkle. I really like SLF Prism dubbing for it’s translucent quality and sparkle…

    This would be a good location to place this pattern...

    Say,starting about 7:30 PM just North or South...

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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    Default Re: Slope caddis...

    Hummm ... that looks not only very interesting, but most useful!

    Will give those little puppies a tye!

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    Default Re: Slope caddis...

    planettrout: Very nice looking Caddis pattern!


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    Default Re: Slope caddis...

    I like that pattern, looks like it could quite possibly be a killer.

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