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  1. Thumbs up Free Fly Pattern Database Program

    I ran across a FREE Fly Pattern Database Program this afternoon at Free Fly Fishing Software, Flyfree Fly Pattern Database Program.

    Minimum System Requirements:

    Windows 98, ME, XP.
    Screen Resolution 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 - 16, 24, or 32 bit Color.
    300 MHZ - AMD K6-2, or Intel Pentium Processor.
    64 MB RAM.
    10 MB of Free Disk Space.

    I downloaded the program successfully with no problems, and it appears to be something that will be beneficial for the Fly-Tyer. The program is supposed to allow you to do the following:

    Keep track of you fly patterns recipes.
    Share your patterns with friends using the programs Import -Export feature.
    Add a picture of your fly pattern, even add a picture of your dubbing color to assure a perfect color match every time.

    It is completely free, and proclaims no spyware or nagware. The program is not supported and has no file help.

    It looks like something that I will use a lot.

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    I entered approximately 30 patterns in the database last night, pictures with some, and didn't encounter any problems with the program. It's simple, but handy. The same thing my wife keeps saying about me!

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    My son in law ( a geek) made me a program using file maker. I have 267 patterns and pictures on it and growing.... I guess son in-laws aren't really all that bad after all.
    I was fly tying and fly fishing before it got trendy.

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    Iuse the mustad program, so far i have over 2000 patterns in it
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