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    Regarding the hackle on a wooly bugger, check out this site:

    Woolly Bugger and Montana Nymph Beginning Fly Tying, Part 13 - FAOL

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    Well its to do with a tail image. About a good 1cm of the end of the hackle has a scale like look that is a good tail.

    Select that area of the hackle with your fingers, enough that you're happy with. Then pull the rest of the hair off about 1 inch below it to give you a good strip to tie it to the hook with. Then tie on your chenille at the shank, wrap forward, tie off.
    And since theres a large bluntnose minnow population where I live, I use a sharpie and draw a line down the side to imitate their black lateral line.

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    awesome I will have to try that out! I got my materials in the mail and there are so many kinds of furs and hackles and scud backs and all that, things I don't even know what to use um for! heres what I got today. I am still waiting on the thread.
    25 Hooks, Assortment
    3 Colours of Silk Floss
    Gold & Silver Tinsel
    "Whiting " or "Metz" Dry Fly Hackle
    Wet Fly Hackle
    Moose Mane
    Peacock Herl
    Chenille (3 colours)
    Leech Wrap (3 colours)
    Poly Fiber (3 Colours)
    Eye Beads
    Copper Wire
    Sparkle Flash
    Mylar Tubing (2colours)
    Buck Tail (2 colours)
    Bronze Turkey
    Fox Tail
    Deer Body Hair
    Rabbit (Two Colors)
    Larva Lace
    Ringneck Pheasant Feathers
    Golden Pheasant
    Skud Back
    Super Nymph/Bug Foam
    Salmon Egg Yarn
    Northern Wolf
    Mallard Flank
    Guinea Fowl
    Bugger Wrap
    Med. Rubber Spawn Strips
    Streamer Hair
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

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