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Thread: Opinion on Tradition

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    Hey Everyone!

    The discussion I want to start is, I have been studying and ties patterns for flies for about 20 years now. There are some things that holde true no matter what and some that consistently throw me for a loop.

    Size, shape and color have always been the basis for initiation. Then Bead head came around. I have tied a number of flies traditional and bead headed with various results, all good (which makes it harder).

    What does the general tying public think? Personally, if they make a bead small enough for the hook, tying nyphs will always have one.

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    Hi NMrodblder,

    Well this is a thought provoking question. Due to my age I tend to stick with traditional flies but also like some of the new ideas. There is so much new tying material that the tyer has more flexibility than ever before. My favorite nymph is the Prince Nymph and I still fish it with out a bead head. Other people think the bead head is better but I have not found that to be true. I think it has a lot to do with the style of fishing you do. I like to use split shot for weight and don't need the added weight of the bead head. I bought some Bead Head Hares Ear flies from Orvis that were very small. I don't remember the exact size hook but the bead head covered 1/2 of the hook shank. In this case it was a mistake to use a bead head. Some tyers go over board with flash using flashabou and other flash material. I have found that flies with just a little flash work better than flies with a bunch of flash.

    So I think I like traditional flies but you have to love some of the newer designs of flies. This is especially true with salt water flies. A lot of fairly new flies are already traditional. I still fish a woolly worm for Grayling and Blue Gills and it is a traditional fly. I would also say the woolly bugger is a traditional fly but it is not very old.


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    I prefer to tie and fish flies with both traditional and new-fangled elements, but not just for the sake of either orientation. In fact, the flies I like the best tend to have both old and new elements on them. I think I have caught the most trout on basically two flies: My soft hackled diving caddis, and a copper john.

    The soft hackled diving caddis is exactly that- a Lafontaine Diving caddis (antron wing) my addition of a synthetic/squirrel dubbed body with a very antiquated hungarian partridge hackle. Those 3 elements are very effective at attracting fish.

    Some might think of the copper john as about as untraditional as you can get, but a copper wire abdomen and peacock herl have been catching trout for MANY decades. Adding rubber legs (usually made from silicone) can make the bigger sizes even more effective.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I will fish and tye with anything that I think will catch fish. But that's just me, it's the same with bow hunting. Do you shoot carbon arrows or not, do you use every new thing that comes out or stick to traditional stuff. I think as long as it's legal to use, who am I to pass judgement over someone else's way of hunting or fishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    My favorite nymph is the Prince Nymph and I still fish it with out a bead head.
    Yep Frank I agree. The prince has been very productive on the rivers I fish.

    Most Caddis work well. I wanted to throw this link out. I found it a while back, havn't used it much there are some good looking flies (and a lot of junkers too)

    Virtual Flybox :: Patterns :: By Pattern Name

    Keep Tying!

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