I don't get too concerned with color on my mountain streams here in VA - light and dark usually covers it. For mayflies I like parachutes, so I carry light and dark ones in various sizes. Lately, I've been infatuated with tying and fishing parawulff patterns.

I also always have some light and dark stimis in 12s and 14s and light and dark EHC in various sizes.

Don't forget about nymphs for those days when they just aren't looking up. Standard nymphs like pheasant tails and hare's ears are good but you should have some stoneflies too.

And since I'm southern, I always carry a few tellico nymphs.

And some prince nymphs.

But the number one producing "nymph" on mountain streams for me has always been the green weenie. Wouldn't leave home without a few for a day in the SNP.

That should about cover it.