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    I would agree with the advice you have received so far. It's all good. First I would invest in the best vise you can afford. Most kit vises aren't worth a dime and that is the most important tool you will use. After that, get a good pair of scisors. Then figure out exactly what flies you want to tye and get the appropriate materials. A small amount of material goes a loooong way.

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    by the way, a good starter vise which could last for years with standard needs could cost between $75 and $150. this includes true rotary. if you're just starting out, one of those would be easy on the wallet. as someone mentioned, i would also recommend concentrating on one or two patterns and their materials for starters. plus two thread bobbins, a good hair stacker and a quality pair of scissors would be nice, at least for the trout flies i tie. i use those long pins with the colored ball heads as a bodkin. there are a lot of other tools but ease into those slowly as you need them.

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    THe best advuce can give to a new tyer is to NOT start with dry flies. Start with good catchers like the wooly buggers and such. Then progress over to wetflies/nymphs...and lastly the dries.Keeping the salmon streamers and Geyghosts for much later. Build a body of experience and tye specific kinds of flies. Then as you master each tye ...move on and add to the larder to tye another pattern or type. Go slow.. and enjoy the process.

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