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Thread: olive ptn

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    Default olive ptn

    olive ptn with fine red rib will be fishing these next sat on my trip for wild brownies. terry

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    Default Re: olive ptn

    I like it and in general like Olive PTNs

    I also tie them in orange and red because some times it's an oddball fly that catches fish.

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    Default Re: olive ptn

    Nice looking fly, I like the contrast of the red wire. Hopefully it lands you some fish.

    I too am a fan of PT's in olive and PT's in general. One of the classics that just catches fish no matter how you tie them. I tie mine with a bead, peacock thorax and a mirage tinsel wing case. I fished a soft hackle version not long ago that did very very well so I may need to add those to the list.
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    Default Re: olive ptn

    Jaybo, you are absolutely right on the soft-hackle version. I never seem to have enough of them! I also follow your same process for my flashback PTs, which are also big producers.

    Bigtel, I like the bugginess of the thorax, hope that pattern lands you some big brownies!
    - A.J.

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