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    Default looking for a specific dry fly hackle technique.

    Awhile ago someone posted a picture of a small dry he tied with the hackle going most of the way back but it got smaller.

    I asked how he did it and he gave me a link to a guys website where he told how he starts the hackle at the head of the fly the palmering back and tying off the hackle, but then taking the thread back through the hackle to finish off the head.

    I thought I had saved that link but I can;t find it or the thread he posted in.

    Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

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    Default Re: looking for a specific dry fly hackle technique.

    Don't recall the post, but it sounds like the same technique used to tie a wet, soft-hackled fly known as a "flymph" (part fly, part nymph).

    For a flymph, you tie the hackle feather in first, just behind the hook eye, near the base of the useable part of the feather (pointy end sticking out out over the hook eye), cupped part facing you...

    Next you finish off the rest of the fly per normal (tail, body, rib) and stop the thread where you want the hackle to end.

    Then you wind the hackle feather - starting just behind the hook eye - back towards the hook point, palmered style.

    When you get to the thread, used it tie lash down the feather (2-3 wraps) and continue towards the hook eye, weaving the thread through the fibers as you go (careful not to mat any fibers down).

    When you get to the eye, immediately go to a 4-5 wrap whip finish and snip off the remaining feather tip back where you tied it in.

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  3. Default Re: looking for a specific dry fly hackle technique.

    Sure, it was my fly from the winter dry 2012 swap

    The technique I use is from Richard Ward's blog

    Dry Fly 'Expert': Parentheses!

    You get both the taper front to rear and the advantage of an impression of thorax, and great durability. The badger hackle in particular emphasizes the thorax Great SBS on his blog



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    Default Re: looking for a specific dry fly hackle technique.

    Thank you so much Hugh, that is exactly what I wanted, and yes it was your fly from the swap (only place I didn't look).

    Thank you also stenacron.

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    Default Re: looking for a specific dry fly hackle technique.

    Here's another technique for dry flies starting the hackle at the head:JP's flies step by step...for beginners.
    don't think it's exactly what you're looking for...but it may help

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