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  1. Default Small stream spider (arachnid not North country)

    Came across a delightful thread on Tom Sutcliffe's South African fly fishing site, that has an interesting spider pattern from Fred Steynberg.
    I have been playing around with it and it looks like it has some excellent triggers for fishing close to the edges of streams.

    Hook: Tiemco 2487BL (caddis emerger) #16
    Thread Uni 8/0 black, with some black synthetic dubbing under the foam
    Abd/thorax - closed cell foam black
    Post: white antron
    top hackle (halo): natural dark blue dun (Whiting Hebert-Miner)
    Bottom wide hackle: English partridge

    Views shown from angler's and fish's perspectives. Think I could slim down the partridge but will know better after field testing in the Sierras first week in June. Comments and criticisms welcomed.

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    Default Re: Small stream spider (arachnid not North country)

    Pretty sure they will work wonders. I have caught trout to 19" on these guys. I like the parachute wrapped legs though, very nice look.

    Instagram page @tblom77

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