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    [QUOTE=stenacron;453681]Nice to know I'm not alone in the hook-recycling club!

    We all are/have been members of "The Hook Re-Cycling Club" at one time or another,as I remember Stripping & Retying one Fly 3 times before it looked The Part & passed my Inspection Service..

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilgrimdg View Post
    develop a checklist to help me gauge my own flies and those that I find in the shops.
    For me it's more important to focus on what I need to do when, while tying the fly rather than thinking about it later. I don't have a formal check list, but do think about many of the things you listed while tying. I'd focus on things like:

    1. What materials (including glue and weighted underbody, etc.) get tied in when so I don't forget something.
    2. The proportion of the material I'm tying in at each step
    3. where I stop the thread to transition from abdomen to thorax or before the eye, leaving enough room to tie off, etc.

    I'm sure there are others, but I find it easier to focus on each step, rather than evaluating the fly when it's done.

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    Default Re: Fly quality checklist

    I don't eat flies so I don't judge, I let the fish judge them for me!
    "To go fishing is the chance to wash one's soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of sun on blue water. It brings meekness and inspiration from the decency of nature, charity toward tackle-makers, patience toward fish, a mockery of profits and egos, a quieting of hate, a rejoicing that you do not have to decide a darned thing until next week. And it is discipline in the equality of men - for all men are equal before fish."
    ~ Herbert Hoover

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    I'm with you on this. I'm a checklist guy as well. When i started tying I wanted a flowchart if you will. Something I could refer to in case I wandered off the reservation. I think I got up to about twenty rules for tying.

    After tying for three years now, I've pared down my checklist to a couple basic items: Less is More. And Keep It Simple, Stupid.

    Keep these two ideas in mind and you'll tend to avoid tying knucklehead flies. Like the ones i end up tying.

    "Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn." ~Chuck Clark

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