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    Default Midge, good pattern to start with?

    A couple of years ago, my brother in law gave me all his fly tying stuff. Since then, it has been sitting in my closet, untouched. I have been thinking I would like to try to tie up a few patterns. I have been fishing a creek lately, where smaller is better. The closest fly shop is 45 minutes away, so if I am running low on flies, I would like to be able to tie up a couple and hit the road for the creek. Would midge patterns be a good fly to start tying with? If so, I wouldn't mind some links on how to tie them up. I have various equipment, such as small 18-22 sz hooks, a bunch of thread, some silver and copper colored wire. some small gold beads, and whatever I don't have I will just order. Also, I have been using a lot of brassies lately, and these seem like they should be easy to tie. Suggestions please

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    Default Re: Midge, good pattern to start with?

    Start tying Zebra Midges.

    It's so easy to tie, that a caveman could do it.


    Edit: Here's the recipe.

    If I want to make the fly heavier, I add just enough wraps of lead wire to fit under the brass bead rather than using an expensive tungsten bead. It also helps secure the bead.
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    Default Re: Midge, good pattern to start with?

    Good Call, Not only are they easy to tie, they catch fish.... Most of my big browns have actually been taking on very small zebra (or variation of ) midges.

    I typically use a zebra as a dropper 18-24" below my dry fly. Even when fish are keying into a specific hatch, I find I often hook up on the midge dropper.

    best of luck.

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    Default Re: Midge, good pattern to start with?

    I concur! You can't go wrong with starting with a zebra midge.

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    Default Re: Midge, good pattern to start with?

    This pattern ABSOLUTELY slayed for me over the past nine days...

    Cream Miracle Midge...

    NO BROWNS in the EWR....

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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