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    Beautiful. Maybe I will get lucky and get to go fish in your great state. I can see why the fish enjoy your flies. :-)
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    I have a few that are material modifications (my mallard and peacock stillwater nymph) and in others they were just looking at the real bug and trying to tie something that would imitate. Interesting enough, once you find a profile that works (looks like a nymph), experimenting with materials is kind of fun. I recently modified the M&P to be Mallard and a gold antron body with a white bead, and it does a reasonable imitation of a blood midge, reasonable enough that the fish hit it anyway.

    Not gonna get rich selling my personal patterns, but, my modification do catch fish most of the time and that is what is important to me.

    ex·pe·ri·ence noun \ik-ˈspir-ē-ən(t)s\

    1. the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation

    2. that thing you get just moments after you needed it.

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    Wow, great work guys! I can only dream of tying like that. Ard's Nine Three is my sentimental all time favorite, but that doesn't take anything away from the awesome work that Kelly and Gary do, congrats to you all!

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    I should take a picture

    Last week I got to spend some time fishing some all synthetic (Polafibre/Polar Fiber) caddis dry flies I've been working on.
    No hackle, no CDC, no snowshoe rabbit. They use none of the traditional (and expensive) methods commonly used to float a fly. Only a dab of floatant.

    It was hard to even pull them underwater and when I did, they popped right back up every time. When they got slimed, I just swished them in the river and dried them with my bandana and they were ready to go.

    This is the stuff I used for the whole fly.
    Egg case, body dubbing, underwing, overwing, head dubbing

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Quote Originally Posted by legrand View Post
    So many, but these two are good enough for this post.

    What do you call this? It's a really wild looking pattern, I like it. Very creative. Does it catch fish?

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