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Thread: E-Z foam hopper

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    after a night of drinking this image pops into my head. I had to make it right then and there. i didn't use any reference or anything. what came out wasn't as pretty as I had pictured it lol. after all i was kinda wasted. so anyways after sobering up and staring at my creation. me and my cousin made it alot better. its a very ez hopper imitation. here is how ya do it. 1st take yellow foam and push the hook point through it. tie on yellow thread. now make a segmented body underneath. then pull the rest of the foam over the top. tie it in with some rubber legs and use light green permanent marker to color the top green. there ya have it guys. our e-z foam hopper. what ya guys think? i can't wait to try it out this summer!!! looks like it will catch some fish for sure! some gills or bass at least
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    made me another. here is the pix. the middle one in the 1st pic is the drunken prototype. had chartruse bucktail on the top but it made it fall over on its side so i removed it. what ya guys think? do these suck? will it catch some fish? if it sux feel free to let me kno! I mean these are not fancy by any means but I believe will be effective for gills and bass. in the end I will let the fish decide I guess. I heard from big cliff to try the colors of the sun if you are fishing under bright skies! so I used that yellow foam I got will this grab bag of fly materials for the under body. also daves hopper seems to have some yellow in it on the underbody and thats a killer fly. plus this is simple. it takes only a perm. marker, some thread, a hook and some foam and rubber legs. very cheap. wish I could try it out asap but its winter and snowy now. these ones were made on a size 8 streamer hook but would prolly work in a alot of sizes. plus I don't even kno if the green marker is worth it the fish only sees the bottom anyways, maybe its just for our looks?
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    I bet if you tie that in a little smaller size, the Bluegill and Crappie would eat that up!.
    Experiment with the leg length and color, and foam color too.
    maybe use diff color markers to pattern em a little.

    Let us know how they work.

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    thnx for the reply. I need some size 10 or 12 streamer hooks soon. I used light green marker cause I used dark green and it came out way dark. you can see it on the sides of the top on the middle hopper of the one pic with the 3 in 1. its the 1st time I used marker on a fly. i know its just a simple and cheesy fly but figured it could catch lots without the hassle of tying the harder hopper patterns. someone told me it looked more like a beetle. oh well as long as the fish like it haha. guess I got to wait like 6 months to try it out!
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    Hi George,

    Those are good looking flies. I agree that a little smaller size would be nice for pan fish. I would also try some Sili legs instead of the solid ones you are using. How about these green ones?


    Here are some other examples.

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    thanks frank. I am getting size 10 hooks so I will make some smaller. maybe I could make some size 12 drys also? I got 12, 14 ,and 16. 14 or 16 might be too small for a hopper pattern tho. man those legs look great! I will have to pick some of them up next time I order. the ones I got now I just regular rubber legs in a white color. I have black too I use for beetles and spiders but thought the white would of been better for the hopper. when I get some of those legs I will post some pix of the hoppers then. whats the best sizes to try to make?
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