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Thread: Foam ideas?

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    Those look good Cliff. thanks!
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    That bendback popper is amazing . Through all of my central Florida bass fishing I haven't seen one quite like that, I will be tying that asap.
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    The cupped popper face is actually a pearl sequin shoved on over the hook eye, after you've put the foam head on. The foam head and back side of the sequin needs a light coat of epoxy or something similar to keep the sequin in place. Googly eyes add more flotation than the stick on solid domed type.

    You'll also want to make sure you have the 3mm foam for the head. The 2mm would only work for size 6 or smaller.

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    I've had some fun cutting long acute triangles of foam, tying the small end in at the rear of the hook, then wrapping the foam around the hook. It makes a segmented body that can be very defined with a loose wrap or smoothed out with a tight wrap. I use this for stimulator bodies and heads. You can accentuate the segments with fine hackle, peacock herl or wire. You can tie legs to the hook shank and bring them out between the foam wraps anywhere you want.

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    Tied any Charlie Boy Hoppers? Super simple but trout seem to love them!
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    Your doing great, I would suggest that you pick up a copy of Tying Foam Flies by Skip Morris well worth the 17 bones.


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