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Thread: parachute adams

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    this is the 1st parachute I ever tied. I got the calf body hair but can never really get it to stay together and it all falls apart.. maybe I will get some calf tail next time. I accidently cut my thread also but fixed it when making this fly!. well what are your guys thoughts? it took me like 20 or 30 minutes to tie cause I messed up alot. I tried to take my time and undo everything I screwed up also. here is a pic with my new christmas camera. maybe next time I make one it won't so much of a hassle lol.
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    oh ya I crowded the head also as usual
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    I think it looks good for your first one, maybe shorten your post just a bit, but not bad overall. Keep on tyin ......

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    i cut the post shorter thanx
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    calf tail is no better than body, switch to a poly alot better..besides animal hair is heavier than poly..the idea is to tie a light fly and balanced.. A problem with alot of tiers is they use to much thread and materials on their drys, then wonder why it doesn't float for very long..then they dope it up and add more weight..A properly tied dry will float on its own for a long time if tied right..
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    can you get poly yarn at a craft store? or just at the fly shop? I am always up for a bargain! i just looked and actully got me a piece of white poly yarn thats 12 inches long. that will last for a couple flies! I will get some more tho. I see how it will would work way better also. I also have black and red 12 inch strips I recieved in a sample pack I got when I 1st started. what could you use those colors for?
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    I agree that poly works best for me when tying parachutes. Use half as much as you think you need, as you'll double it when you fold it back.

    The red will work well for posts if you have "foamy", or riffle water.

    The black.........take one end in each hand, twist one end 5-10 times. Bring your hands together a little, so the middle twists up.........hmmmmm

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    I had trouble tying parchute with calf hair, I either had to much or to little the thickness of it was a issue for me. So I started using soft turkey feather;
    It worked great to for my adams its soft and very light, It stays a float for a long time as well. Very visible on the water.
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    thanks guys for the tips! good ideas! I didn't know if a red post would work but then again the fish won't see that anyways. oh fat guide I had to twist the black one up to see what would happen. look kinda like a ant/beetle/cricket bug body or something. is that right or am I way off ? lol?
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    Yes, in different colors it will represent the body of many different bugs. I use green for Drakes, orange for Salmonflies, yellow for Golden stones, etc. These flies ride low and are killers.

    Lee Clark showed me this method years ago, and has since co-authored a book about tying with poly.
    A side note on Lee. He was a high school art teacher, and used fly tying in his classes. Almost sounds like cheating doesn't it, teach kids to tie flys in the winter, then take your summers off to fish them.

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