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    Default Allen & Co. hooks

    Does anyone have a hands on impression of the hooks and how much would he charge for shipping I.E. for the bulk 1,000 pcs or for on site multiple 100 packs. thanks guys. oh BTW i pm'ed him with no response so i might get the answer from him before anyone chimes in just curious about personal opinion on the hooks thanks all, tight lines.

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    Default Re: Allen & Co. hooks

    BH, I have used a few different sizes of Allen hooks and I am very pleased with the product however, I'm not really sure how much he would charge you but I'm sure it would be comparable and probably cheaper than buying them from BPS or Cabelas...Justin will probably get back to you but sometimes he is busy and it may take a day.


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    Default Re: Allen & Co. hooks

    Hi bloodhound,

    You might get a faster response if you Email him.


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    Default Re: Allen & Co. hooks

    Thanks guy's,
    I am down to about 30 #16 standard nymph hooks and alot of #18-#20 barbless dryfly hooks. I will do that Frank thank you, and thats what i wanted to hear Boser is that there good hooks (just dont want to get a bunch of hooks and find out like the mustads i bought that a good amount were defective in the eye area) I would love to help out a guy with an american business trying to make fly fishing afordable without sacrificing quality, and I fully intend to swap some of my less desirable reels out for some of the Allen & Co. pieces.

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    Default Re: Allen & Co. hooks

    i bought 1000 scud hooks and tied close to 100 scuds so far on them and have not found a defective hook yet.

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    Default Re: Allen & Co. hooks

    Good god i thought i tied alot, just kidding thanks for the update.

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    Default Re: Allen & Co. hooks

    Quote Originally Posted by bloodhound View Post
    Good god i thought i tied alot, just kidding thanks for the update.
    I Dont tie I whole lot but I had took advantage of tying a box of flies up for my Wife and Cousin when they got into it this spring. In my area scuds are by far the most productive fly and with so many color options you can tie 100 scuds up quickly.

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    Default Re: Allen & Co. hooks

    On the Allen website, the hooks are compared to TMC hooks. Actually, I thought they were TMC until I read more closely. It looked like TMC's at less than 1/2 price, and I was ready to pounce! I use TMC and Mustad hooks, so it would be interesting to see some additional opinions regarding these hooks. The biggest problem with TMC brand hooks is availability. (and price)

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    Default Re: Allen & Co. hooks

    I have tyed about 500-600 flies on Justins hooks (even wore my old vise out) The caddis, 2488 drys, scud, nymph and wet hooks are great I have yet too try the dry hooks (1x fine), I have some 200R hooks and streamer hooks std,2x,3x,and 6x long (they look very good) I have yet too fish the 200R and streamer hooks on some of the larger hooks I have come across a few with minor blemishes ( Not any near as many as I have had with the mustard hooks I used too get)

    Most of the TMC hooks I have used were bad batches and were poorly tempered and ither broke or bent I have not bought more since.
    "the fight is for habitait. Once its continuation is assured the fish will largely look after themselves." KD

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    Default Re: Allen & Co. hooks

    Right on now i just need to sell my wife on the idea that 1000 TMC hooks would cost a retarded amount of money and these would last me a couple months. (quit drinking and for the most part playing video games) so now i tie all the time when i am home.

    Thanks for the heads up guys I really appreciate it.

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