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Thread: What vice?

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    Default What vice?

    well i am looking for a new vice my cheapy vice is ok but its time i upgrade i was going to get the Griffin Mongoose but i have heard that its not that great so i am not sure what to go for, I have been thinking either the

    HMH Spartan Vice
    Renzetti Cam Series Traveler Vise
    Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise

    I want a rotary makes tying so much easier and keep the price around $200 any suggestions?

    Many Thanks
    Live,Love,and Fish

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    Default Re: What vice?

    I've had a Traveler for years, and I've yet to want a different vice.

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    Default Re: What vice?

    Only one of the vises you listed is a true rotary that is made by a company that you know will be in business 25 years from now and will have spare parts.


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    Default Re: What vice?

    I will be getting the traveler next, hopefully this week. It was a toss up between this and the dyna king for a while, then between the traveler and a Regal. The traveler is always the one that I end up deciding to get. The great range of hook sizes it can handle is great so I can bank out some size 26 flies for the Swift and then tie some saltwater streamers on the same vise.

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    Default Re: What vice?

    If you will be tying on a desk that you can mount a c-clamp, the Renzetti Traveler can be a good vise. I had an original Traveler (thumb screw jaws adjustable model) that I eventually sold it since I made the switch to a Regal. Mine had the pedestal which I found too light. Whenever I cranked down hard on the thread, the vise would move.


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    Default Re: What vice?

    I like this vise: PEAK Fishing Home 150$
    Renzetti very flimsy for me
    I like the quality of the normal iron...
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    Default Re: What vice?

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    Default Re: What vice?

    I have the HMH Spartan and if I had to choose again, it would be the Spartan. This thing is simple, ties big and little flies and will last forever. It's a pedestal and serves my needs just fine. Sf

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    Default Re: What vice?

    I just bought a Renzetti Traveller, and I absolutely love it. It was right at 200 and is the smoothest vice I've ever used! It seems I'm tying more often with this vise than I find myself actually on the river!

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    Default Re: What vice?

    The renzetti's, regals, HMH, Peak are good choices. Pick the configuration (c clamp or pedestal), based on the desired use. I will share some comments from a years worth of tying....(approx 12 to 24 flies per week).
    The pedestal version is heavy & does not move even with heavy thread pressure. The quality of all components is vey good. After a years use the jaws don't show any wear. The rotary function works well. The finish is pretty good.

    The heavy pedestal makes traveling with the vice tough. The way the jaws collet is designed causes interference when using a pinch grip to mount things (hair, tails, etc). I have tied with a Renzetti and I don't have the same issue with its jaws. Also, the standard peak jaws are pretty fat, imagine a blunt cone instead of a sharp point. I had to purchase the peak midge jaws for $30.

    If I had to do it again, I would probably choose another brand just because the ergonomics to the Peak does not fit my hands.

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