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    Default Couple From Pryce-Tannatt

    Still working my way on the classics, trying to improve, ever so slowly, to great quality, framable flies.

    Proportions and dimensions are the name of the game these days rather than just finishing a fly 'with classic materials'

    Here's two of my latest. FAR from perfect and those with knowledge of them will know that, but alas, almost 9 months into this classics adventure and i'm starting to get the hang of it.

    Blue Charm 1/0

    Thunder and Lightning (Irish) 2/0 (not a great pic, but you get the general idea)

    For reference, here's the first thunder and lightning i tied about 4 months ago

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    Default Re: Couple From Pryce-Tannatt

    works of art thats what they are


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    Default Re: Couple From Pryce-Tannatt

    I'm not trying to be critical because I can't tie these, I lack the patience. But I like your first T&L a bit better. I like the fuller body hackle and herl head. They're all frame worthy, you tie some wicked classics!
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