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  1. Default downloading photos???

    I took pics with digital camera of my new cheap fly tying desk but I can not get it to download on here, It says file is to big can anyone tell me how to make pics smaller so they fit here?

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  2. Default Re: downloading photos???

    First, you can try to save it as a bitmap image(Do "save as" so you keep the original file format as well). Most photos from a digital camera are saved as jpeg's. The image quality when you save it as a bmp will decrease but it's the easiest way to make a photo smaller.

    If it looks like junk when saved as a bmp, you can open the jpeg up in pretty much any program (Microsoft Paint even) and you should be able to make it smaller. In Paint, click on "Image" and then "Stretch/Skew" and you can adjust the "Stretch" measures to lower %'s. Try it a couple of times until it's a small enough file (I think this site allows for 19mb photos to be uploaded).

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    switching a jpeg photo to bmp would be increasing an images file size. A photo in jpeg format is compressed and does a good job of it without lossing image quality, sounds to me like all you need to do is decrease the dimension of the photo. Usually you can do a search and find free image editing software.

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    Thanks for the help, skewed it and it worked

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    I know that I'm getting in late on this matter, but ...

    I send photos that I want to post to photobucket. I can "resize" them easily there through the edit function. It's simple and you can upload photos from there to forums like this quite easily.
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    Default Re: downloading photos???

    Hi to all,

    Here is an excerpt from the Site Rules for posting photos. The best formate to use is jpeg. Pictures are a resource hog and that is why photo size is so important. Posting smaller photos is a lot better than not being able to post pictures at all. The picture below is a 410 X 282 pixels. It has plenty of detail.


    Image Posting Size Limits
    Members shall not link to any images inside their message post that are wider than 550pxls. Oversize images will be deleted without notification.
    Members may attach images to posts that are no larger than 620pxls x 280pxls with a total size no larger than 19.5kb. Valid file extensions are bmp doc gif jpe jpeg jpg pdf png psd txt zip

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    Default Re: downloading photos???

    i use visualizer photo resizer( a freebie) to re size all my pics to save space..then post them..its that easy...
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