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Thread: Flytying desk

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    This is my new cheap desk, I made it out of a old computer desk so it cost hardly nothing but time, Winter in wyoming with the wind blowing 50 mph and river frozen over I have alot of time, But it gives me time to tie alot for that spring thaw.

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    Hi Larry,

    Looks like you did a good job. From the picture It looks like the front under the top is blocked. Can you put your feet and legs under the top so you can get to the vise?


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    Yes the little shelves under are resessed just long enough for my magazines and large packs of feathers. the organizers are great. everything right in front so I dont have to get up or clutter up desk with materials


    I am goning out tonight to get new vise for it, I dont need one but the wife did ask what I wanted for my Birthday LOL
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    Looks Awesome Buddy! I Just Brought All My Tying Stuff Back From The Lake Yesterday I Was Thinking Of Doing Exactly The Same Thing As You. - Computor Desk And All.
    Flying Al

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    Anybody building portable desks?

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    Heres a tall chest that i picked up at Ikea a few years ago---I never put a finish on it but I can move it next to the couch and spread out til the housecleaner comes---i live alone so that helps---I clamp my vise on one of the shelves and put an Ott lite in one of the drawers if i need it.

    When I'm done it gets moved out of the way.

    Everything fits in the drawers but when i am tying i need a table next to me---on trips i pack an attatche case with materials vise and light.
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