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Thread: Woven Stonefly

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    Well, I'm here looking for a bit of help again. I've been trying to conquer the woven stonefly. I've had some good success on the river with one's I've bought, but I've never been able to get the weave right on the ones I've tried. I've gotten much better, but I still can't keep the lines when I weave the floss straight on both sides? Anyone have any pointers on keeping everything in check? The side facing me is great, but the opposite side goes wherever it pleases!

    Here's the side facing me:

    and side away from me:


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    Default Re: Woven Stonefly

    Practice is everything mate.Just keep trying and do only bodies till you got what you want.Dont waste time finishing the fly.
    So,forget tails,and thorax and stuff ...just do bodies till you make one perfect
    It is not that hard,actually there are much more complicated things in making flies than woven bodies

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    Default Re: Woven Stonefly

    I start by tying lead wire on each side of the hook to create a nice wide, flat body (you can also wrap the hook and then mash it flat with a pliers). Are you using smooth floss? I use embroidery thread which is more of a fine twisted rope. It isn't too hard to control it and keep the halves of the body from spinning around. Also, I point the hook at me, so there isn't a close and far side, necessarily, you are looking straight down the hook. Finally, there are two method that I know of; one in which you tie overhand knots on after the other, the other method is to take one thread over the hook, opposite thread around the first and under over and over - are you using the later method? Try to find a youtube vid of the knot technique and see which way you like better.

    O yeah, and keep practicing like Madjoni says!

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    Default Re: Woven Stonefly

    I've been using the later method, not sure what it's called though! I tried the knot method for a few weeks and it didn't work out at all. As I've kept tying tonight, the loop/wrap method is working out better and better. We'll see how it improves. I'll have to try facing the vise toward me! Thanks.

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    One tip i picked up years ago was to soak the flosses in sugar water and let them dry out and keep them in a carton for future use.
    this keeps the floss semi stiff so when you use it it is a bit like using the wire.
    each time you bring the floss over give it a slight pull to the rear of the fly as it tightens the floss and packs it neatly creating a perfect segmentation effect.
    hope this wee tip helps.
    And by the way great looking pattern

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    I also started tying woven stoneflies this year.

    From looking at your fly, I think you used the shuttle weave. I suspect you are trying to do the shuttle weave with your fingers and not with bobbins.

    The shuttle weave using bobbins can be seen in this video by Aaron Jasper. One key is to keep tension on the floss, and to pull away from you toward the woven areas so the next weave is tight against the previous. This is much easier to do with bobbins.

    Another tip is to use Uni Stretch Thread (this is a stretchable tying thread needed to cover the lead wire). This provides a smoother base and will make the following weaving step much easier.

    Take a look at these video and practice using embroidery floss. It is cheap and comes in all the colors you would ever want. I split the 6 strand embroidery floss in half using only three strands.

    [ame=]Polish Woven Nymph - April 2009 TPO Fly of the Month - YouTube[/ame]

    Before tackling a stone fly I suggest practice with a simple woven caddis pupa.

    Charlie's FlyBox - Colorado's Best FlyShop and online Fly Tying Tutorials


    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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    Default Re: Woven Stonefly

    Weaving is easy guys
    I put this somewhere on forums,cant remember where,but here are some critical points

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    Default Re: Woven Stonefly

    Well a rainy labor day allowed lots of time to work with the vise, and I think we weave is finally starting to come together! Thanks for all the help & tips!

    As an Appalachian State grad, I had to tie one for the alma mater!

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