So much, So much. There's ton's of tying material and equipment. This is what I'am going to buy.

The Cabela's Tying Kit with Vise and Tools. Comes with:

100 hooks
Cyclops eyes 1/8 gold (10)
.020 wire
70-denier black and tan thread
140-denier black thread
Ultra wire (copper and red, small and medium)
Clear stretch tubing
Black and olive chenille and red ultra chenille
Thin fly foam
Dubbing (rabbit hare's ear, black, olive)
Pheasant tail
Hackle (saddle black, brown, black)
Peacock herl
Marabou (black, olive)
Poly yarn white
Instruction manual.

Item: IK-318118 at Cabela's

Is that good for a beginner?